Tripwire on RH9 Memory Problem

  • Anonymous - 2003-07-31

    I'm running v2.3.1-17 on RH9 and have a problem- after the scheduled check runs, it takes 700MB of memory and doesn't release it afterwards.

    I'm new to this so please excuse me if it is an obvious or extremely stupid problem...

    Mike McD

    • Bob Mahan

      Bob Mahan - 2003-08-23

      ME TOO!!

      I just got a new 512M server and bit the bullet to upgrade to RH9.0 and Tripwire 2.3 only to find that when i run a check it consumes almost all available real memory (almost 400M) in about 30 seconds and then doesnt release it when the process finished.

      I AM VERY BUMMED!  This was a fresh RH9.0 install so there isn't any upgrade lint kinda issue.  I did a

      vmstat 1

      in a seperate window just prior to starting tripwire and watched it just gobble up the memory and then not release it.  I am still trying to find some sort of "official" support site/forum/whatever to see what if anything can be done about this.

      If anyone has any information that might help us I'd sure be grateful for an email or reply.


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