Tripwire Error Codes.

  • Kristian Kirilov

    Hello, i setuped correctly tripwire, but if i run the cron.daily script manually i no see any error, but when the cron run it cron report me tripwire exit with error code 5.

    Can i find somewhere the error codes? I dont know what mean error code 5.


    • FRLinux

      FRLinux - 2009-05-18


      Are you sure it is not cron exiting with an error 5 ? Have you set all paths to the application and reports ? Have you installed tripwire from sources ? If so, it will require paths to all config files and everything. You can also set cron to produce more output on your mail report.


  • Tomigo

    Tomigo - 2016-04-05

    I found an old document (would be nice to hear from the developers whether these have changed or been updated / added to in current releases) for release 1.3 on the web that says the codes mean the following:

    Tripwire exit status can be interpreted by the following mask:
    1: run-time error. aborted.
    2: files added
    4: files deleted
    8: files changed

    so, an exit code of 5 = status 4 + status 1.
    Note that the status 1 seems to be a bit questionable. We too are getting exit codes that include a status of 1, but the commands ran fine and even show "Integrity check complete." at the end of the report.

    Last edit: Tomigo 2016-04-05

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