errors compiling on SPARC-Solaris

J. Thomas
  • J. Thomas

    J. Thomas - 2002-08-27

    make release is giving errors from archive.cpp:
    no matching function for call to

    I have not been able to locate any of the 'eArchive'
    functions in the 2.3.1-2 source bundle.  Does anyone
    know where I can find these?

    Using Solaris 2.8, gcc 3.0.4

    • Ron Forrester

      Ron Forrester - 2002-08-30
      • J. Thomas

        J. Thomas - 2002-09-03

        Now it's  even worse, as is doesn't get past the compilation in the cryptlib directory.  I went back to
        GCC 2.95.3, downloaded and applied the patch.

        The last part of the list of errors reads:

        'no matching function for call to 'CryptoPP::ECDHC<CryptoPP::EC2N>:: ....

        Is there more than one patch?


    • Ron Forrester

      Ron Forrester - 2002-09-03

      Okay, well, let's have a bit more information.

      I am assuming you:

      1) Grabbed the latest source tarball from here.
      2) Applied Paul's patch
      3) Have gcc-2.95.n as the primary compiler in your path.
      4) Did a ./configure && make

      I believe that should result in general happiness.


    • Anonymous - 2003-08-11

      Thanks for everybody's instruction to make my Solaris compile works. Here is my success story:

      OS: Solaris 2.6
      Tripwire: 2.3.1-2
      Tripewire Patch: tw-20011105.patch.gz (older version) from Paul's site
      ar & as: Gnu binutils
      GCC: 2.9.5
      make: gmake

      Note that the new patch tw-20030625.patch.gz from paul site didn't work for my configuration, nor did the SUN' make, ar and as.

      After the compile you'll also need to change the install path in the script under the install directory.


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