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John Smith
  • John Smith

    John Smith - 2010-08-27

    I set up my tripwire to use SMTP mail method. When tripwire sends email the field "MAIL FROM" looks like tripwire@hostname. Digging in tripwire code - hostname is generated from system hostname, which is in most cases string like xyz. I need to configure the filed "MAIL FROM" to looks like hostame dot xy.  (example: hostname is test, MAIL FROM looks like

    Is there any possibility to set-up it this way?


  • Anonymous - 2010-09-01


      I don't know it the set-up is possible through tripwire, but you can set it on your smtp server. For instance, you can configure tripwire to use the mail server "ssmtp" installed locally. Then, configure ssmtp to redirect to your normal smtp server and use the parameter "RewriteDomain" to, well… rewrite the domain to

    Hope it helps.


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