tripwire monitoring for NFS mounts

  • nahthan

    nahthan - 2006-04-14

    I would like to use tripwire to monitor NFS mounts
    as well as local filesystem data.  Is this possible?

    When attempting to point the configuration at an NFS automount point, I get errors such as these while initializing the database:

      The object: "/x/eng/locals/i386-linux2.0" is on a different file system...ignoring.

    Is there a way to override this?  I don't see anything in the documentation.  Thanks,

    • Ron Forrester

      Ron Forrester - 2006-04-15

      Add the following to your config:



      • nahthan

        nahthan - 2006-04-15

        Thanks!  That worked.  Added CROSSFILESYSTEMS=true
        to tw.cfg, and all is working now.

        Why isn't this option documented on any of the

        I had to look through the source before I found
        any reference to it at all:

        from twcmdline.cpp:

          // Crossing file systems
          if(cf.Lookup(TSTRING(_T("CROSSFILESYSTEMS")), str))
              if (_tcsicmp(str.c_str(), _T("true")) == 0)
                pModeInfo->mbCrossFileSystems = true;
                pModeInfo->mbCrossFileSystems = false;

        • Ron Forrester

          Ron Forrester - 2006-04-15

          > Why isn't this option documented on any of the
          > manpages?

          Short answer: because I am lame.

          Longer answer: I'll accept any and all patches to the man pages or PDF documents linked off sourcedforge :-)



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