Tripwire on AIX 5.3

  • prakashbns

    prakashbns - 2006-10-17

    Hello All,

        Has anybody installed tripwire on AIX 5.x?? I had a little bit success in compiling & also successfully doing a make. But make install is failing with the following error

    Creating key files...[683]: 557092 Segmentation fault(coredump)
    Error: site key generation failed

    Even when I tried to create the site pass phrase with twadmin command it fails with a segmentation fault & dumps a core.

    Has anyone gone through the same pain??

    Appreciate if anybody can give me some tips/guidance.



    • carli_cathomen

      carli_cathomen - 2006-11-23

      I compiled it on AIX5.2 and the make install also failed...

      I had to delete TWDOCS in the policy file

      sed /TWDOCS/d /freeware/tripwire- >/freeware/tripwire-
      cp /freeware/tripwire- /freeware/tripwire-


      • prakashbns

        prakashbns - 2006-11-23

        Well, I gave up finally on tripwire install on AIX 5.3

        Instead I found that samhain very interesting & does pretty much the same stuff as tripwire. Its very easy to compile & install. All one needs is the GNU C++ compiler. Once compiled on one system it can be copied to many other systems (executables & other config files, where you don't have to have GNU C++) & its pretty light weight on space & CPU usage. Its really a nice program & would recommend to anybody as an basic IDS on unix.




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