• dwight

    dwight - 2006-05-28

    Thanks for the great work on putting together the newest release.

    Alas, I don't seem to see any sha1sums of the source  or binary files. Have these been published?

    If not, could they please be? It would be nice to authentic that the files received were valid.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Ron Forrester

      Ron Forrester - 2006-05-29

      Here ya go:

      135de3110b900f3a1e652951d5cfe8f18ebeda74  siggen
      b0cd3be811c01f3f7eb7b3813dfe87c1c2d22a95  tripwire
      01af8280afd7f309bb83c26a2a2ba9f3beacda08  twadmin
      349a1825e5a1a958f65e18d5b5db1a24b05f1e22  twprint


    • dwight

      dwight - 2006-06-02

      Much obliged. I got the following for the source tarball. I do hope it's correct:

      a3c5a2c3f339403137e00b13ab992926fed637e4  tripwire-

      • Ron Forrester

        Ron Forrester - 2006-06-02

        Yeah, duh, I should have sent that. Here are the tarball hashes (your's is correct):

        localhost:~/src/tripwire$ sha1sum tripwire-*.tar.bz2
        a3c5a2c3f339403137e00b13ab992926fed637e4  tripwire-
        575fd7a17db25e187bde735b8d07bf45f1707956  tripwire-


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