#36 Installation hangs during key generation

Matt Olson

I'm installing the FreeBSD port of version I
get to the part where install.sh calls twadmin to
generate the site key. After entering the passphrase,
it runs for over an hour. I lost patience and killed
the process. Is it really supposed to take that long?
If so, you should change the message from "this may
take several minutes" to "this may take several
minutes, even hours". However, I suspect that this is
not the standard behavior. It is reproducable at least
for me though.

I'm submitting this to the FreeBSD port maintainer as well.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I see the same problem here with a fresh install of
    Mandriva 2007. twadmin --generate-keys seems to stall when
    called by itself or via /etc/tripwire/twinstall.sh

    Using the slightly older version of tripwire with Mandriva
    2006 generating keys only takes about 30 seconds on my

    I haven't logged in because sourceforge seems to be having
    hiccups. 8-(

    Peter D.

  • Ron Forrester

    Ron Forrester - 2007-03-31

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    When I worked at Tripwire, this problem would often come up when we had an endian'ness problem in the code.

    Are you running FreeBSD on an x86?

  • Ron Forrester

    Ron Forrester - 2007-03-31
    • assigned_to: nobody --> itripn
  • Rafal Slubowski

    Rafal Slubowski - 2007-12-25

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    I see the same problem with CentOS 5.1 (tested with gcc 4.1.2 and 3.4.6)

    strace gives a lot of lines:
    times({tms_utime=0, tms_stime=2, tms_cutime=0, tms_cstime=0}) = 437850984
    times({tms_utime=0, tms_stime=2, tms_cutime=0, tms_cstime=0}) = 437850985
    times({tms_utime=0, tms_stime=2, tms_cutime=0, tms_cstime=0}) = 437850986
    times({tms_utime=0, tms_stime=2, tms_cutime=0, tms_cstime=0}) = 437850987
    times({tms_utime=0, tms_stime=3, tms_cutime=0, tms_cstime=0}) = 437850987
    times({tms_utime=0, tms_stime=3, tms_cutime=0, tms_cstime=0}) = 437850988

  • Daniel Fox Franke

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    I'm encountering this as well. It appears that you can work around it by unsetting your CXXFLAGS. I was using "-march=pentium4m -O3 -fstack-protector". I'm not certain which of those was the culprit but I unset them all.


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