#76 allow changeOwnership on null owned territory

Unstable (example)

For some reason if a territory had no owner (null) and a changeOwnership trigger was used, nothing would happen. I see no reason to disallow this, and this is necessary to support the current 1914 map file because some neutral territories begin unowned and change ownership through a trigger when attacked.

I doubt anyone is relying on this behaviour in their map file so I don't think this will break any existing maps.

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  • Chris Duncan

    Chris Duncan - 2014-01-02
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
    • assigned_to: Chris Duncan
  • Chris Duncan

    Chris Duncan - 2014-01-02

    accepted and committed

    as a side note, you can always make a "neutral" player (see mongolians in global 1940 as an example)


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