#46 Default Game Options


I added a feature to save default options for each game.
On the Game Options dialog, there is now a "OK, and make default", when clicked the options are stored to disk (and dialog closes). whenever this game is selected the stored option are loaded from disk.
I also added a Cancel button to the Game option dialog. Also closing the dialog no longer modifies the game options.

I don't really like the "OK, and make default", but I could not come up with a better, since clicking the button, both closes the dialog and saves the options as default.


  • Klaus Grønbæk

    Klaus Grønbæk - 2011-12-04

    Patch file was made against svn 3353.

  • Chris Duncan

    Chris Duncan - 2011-12-05

    hi, thx for the patch. question: does it save game options on a per map/game basis, or just in total?
    In other words, if I am playing a map like Napoleonic Empires, where Battleships do not repair, and then I save this game option, and then start playing WW2v2, will the game options be the same as what I saved for Napoleonic, or will they be default WW2v2 game options?
    If your patch does not do this, then can you please update it to do this.
    It should save the game options based on the name attribute of the map/game, AND it should only save the "editable" properties, never the non-editable properties.

  • Chris Duncan

    Chris Duncan - 2011-12-12
    • status: open --> pending-accepted
  • Chris Duncan

    Chris Duncan - 2012-03-12
    • status: pending-accepted --> closed-accepted

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