#26 Fixed And Updated Enhanced Chatting Patch

Unstable (example)

I finally took the time to completely update and fix the Enhanced Chatting patch I made earlier that lets you chat in Public, Team, or Custom mode.

Can someone *please* take a look at this patch and test it out, and possibly add it to the next unstable. This is a feature I've really been wanting in this game...

Here's the description from the old artifact:
I have created a patch for TripleA that allows players to choose between different chat options in online or networked games.

The player can choose to send messages using public chat, which sends messages he writes to all the players.
The team chat option sends the player's messages to the players that are allied with him.
There is also the custom chat option which lets the player choose exactly who to send chat messages to. This is done by control clicking on a player's name to toggle whether the player is a recipient.

These options can be easily changed with a simple click.

Because all chat messages are sent from the clients, to the server, and then to everyone else, the recipient list is attached with the hub invoke object and is used by the server when broadcasting the message. If a player who wrote the message did not add the server as a recipient, the message is not shown to the server when it is sent to the server to be broadcasted.

Any message that is sent from a player in team or custom chat, is marked, to let recipients know that the message was sent in private. A player who has the team or custom chat on will not be limited to receiving only private messages, because the chat options only affect messages being sent out.

The player list that is shown on the right has been updated to show the player which players are allied. They will be marked with " (Team)" after the name. The player flags are also not disrupted or covered because of a check I added to the code that displays the players' flags.

Thank you for checking it out,


  • Wisconsin

    Wisconsin - 2011-01-03

    Updated and fixed patch file for enhanced chatting feature.

  • Wisconsin

    Wisconsin - 2011-01-05

    Patch for the finished and final version of the enhanced chatting feature.

  • Wisconsin

    Wisconsin - 2011-01-05

    Okay, I made it so that everywhere but inside games, public chatting is required, but in games, players can choose between team and public chat options. (In other words, I removed the custom chatting option as suggested on the war club)

    I also improved the code structure a bit and fixed a small UI mistake.

    I uploaded the patch for this new and final version as enhancedChatFeaturePatchv4.patch.


  • Sean Bridges

    Sean Bridges - 2011-01-16

    Why are changes to classes like HubInvoke and necessary, can't all the code be done in the chat packages?

    This change in RemoteMethodCall looks very suspicious,

    && !(args[i] instanceof ChatMessage)

  • ComradeKev

    ComradeKev - 2011-01-17
    • status: open --> pending-accepted
  • ComradeKev

    ComradeKev - 2011-01-17

    checked in.

  • Chris Duncan

    Chris Duncan - 2011-01-18
    • status: pending-accepted --> open-accepted
  • Chris Duncan

    Chris Duncan - 2011-01-28

    as per sgb, rolled back until some changes to the patch can be made

  • Chris Duncan

    Chris Duncan - 2011-01-28
    • status: open-accepted --> open
  • Chris Duncan

    Chris Duncan - 2015-03-16
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date
    • Group: --> Unstable (example)

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