I have created a sourceforge page, and uploaded all maps to it.  I also invited you guys to join it, and gave you admin rights.

One cool thing about doing this is that I have uploaded ALL the maps to the SVN repository,
which means that you guys can simply "checkout" your maps folder on your computer to link it to the repository, and you will automatically have all the latest versions of all maps.

the svn link u need is:

I highly suggest you take a look at the map called "Diplomacy".  (there are four games that come with that map, Start the one that is also called "Diplomacy")

it is rather cool, and by using 2x2 pixel territories hidden in the borders between normal territories, I am able to simulate an actual game of the boardgame called diplomacy.
Infantry move 4, Sea move 3.  Yet there are 3 dummy territories between all land to land territories, and 2 dummies between all coast to coast, etc.

so basically, sea units can move into coastal and sea, and land units can move into coastal and land.  how cool is that?

anyway, thx for your hard work and stuff,
enjoy the new repo,
veqryn / chris

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