Thanks, the ico and png are checked in.

The masters are checked in here,


From: Chris Duncan <>
Sent: Sat, May 1, 2010 12:53:06 AM
Subject: [Triplea-develop] TripleA Icon

I have updated the TripleA icon,
by going into each resolution and tuning it up,
especially making the TA in red a bit easier to see in the lower resolutions.

Please use this .ico file to replace the current tripleA icon in the icon folder of the repository. (triplea_icon.ico)

I also have a .png file, to replace the current Not-Working-png file in the icon folder. (triplea_icon.png)

and lastly,
i have a zip containing the master files used to make these icons.  This does not need to be included with the actual game, but should be in the repository.  I assume there is some folder in the repository that does not make it into the installer when you 'build' the program?  Anyway, i just wanted to make sure you guys had the originals (or at least the originals that were given to me).


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