Thanks this is checked in.  I choose the flag that looked most like the old one.


From: Chris Duncan <>
Sent: Tue, April 13, 2010 12:36:41 PM
Subject: [Triplea-develop] new flags and updated flags

hi sgb,

this one can be done before or with the stable, please

by having a .gif in the flags folder of TripleA, it automatically over-writes any .png's in the flags folder of the game. 
by this, i am talking about the Japanese_fade.gif that is currently in the flags folder
if i take the game pacific, and put a different Japanese.png in the flags folder of the game, it will not appear in the game because the .gif is taking precedent (however if i delete the flag from triplea, the png will show)

could you please replace the .gif with a .png
(delete the .gif, add the .png)
i made 2 for you, so pick which ever you want or add both
the first is just the same fade .gif you have, except i saved it as .png.
the second is a new fade version, based on the flag on the zero wing, and it is semi-transparent

also, here are some "free french" png flags that crystalct made

thank you,

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