#46 Middle East Territories (Suggestion)


The Europe map includes special territories ‘Middle
East’. The allies never gain any ipcs from them, but
axis does if axis conqueres them. Another difference
is that when axis collects from these, the ipcs are not
taken from the bank, but directly from the Allies, so
in effect it still hurts them while giving axis a bonus
a bonus.

An oddity is that the ipcs can be paid to the axis by
any of the allied players, though to be honest, in 90%
of the time, it is USA that volunteers to pay.

My suggestion:
Make a tag that can be attached to turn a territory
into a middle east one. This tag would include which
country(s) can gain ipcs from the capture, and which
country would pay the debt when an invader collects.

Note: Also advisable to allow the config file to allow
users to specify a color for Middle East territories.
While they are friendly to one side, they still are
somewhat independent.


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