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Hi there,

I (stahlcritter) started my first PBEM-round and asked
me, why every player has to enter his email-adress and
the adress of the next player.
The game has a fixed number of players and a fixed
order. So why can´t we enter all email-adresses from all
players, give them a country-code (the order of the
turn) and if one player has finished his turn the next one
gets the email with the save-game (automatically ?).

Jobs to do (suggestion):

1. extend the email-field(s) to the amount of players you
play with
2. select countries and bind them with the players email
3. Write this data in the save-game-file (so only the
initial player has to write the email-adresses)
4. Use the "end turn"-button or implement separate one
for quit-round-save-game-email-it



  • Sean Bridges

    Sean Bridges - 2005-01-16

    Logged In: YES

    Made changes so that PBEM email adresses are remembered when
    saving and loading games. It just remembers the email
    addresses entered last when loading the game.

    I dont want to save email addresses on a per country basis,
    since the game doesnt know enough to figure out what two
    countries are playing.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Ok in the 5.2.x code it saves the email addresses. But is
    their an easy way you could have it save up to 5 or 6 emails
    (POS needs 6) and let you put in a checkbox in the pbem tab
    for the two you wan't to send to the dice server. This
    would help all PBEM games and future tourneys.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Ok the dice roller at Irony can handel at least 4 emails so
    if any work is done to the dice roller you should add an
    email line for each country and have the game add the first
    one to the first line at irony and the rest to the second
    line seperated by a space. I tested this on Irony's site
    and in version 6.0.1 of AAA. Both resulted in 4 emails
    being sent out. If the work is going to be done you could
    fix the game so that it puts the country playing email
    address in the first line so when the mails go out the so
    and so rolled is actually the email of the person playing.


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