#255 pending fuel issues

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pending fuel issues:

a. landtransported units:
transported landunits (till now with mechinfantry) consume fuel.

transported units should consume NO fuel, only the landtransports.

b. planes fuel:
planes on the way to combat consume only their way to combat fuel, but there is no check, that in noncombat there is enough fuel for movement left.
only a check for zero fuel is done with bottom line:
"Not enough resources to perform this move, you need: xx Fuel for this move"

to make it simple. the fuel check is now not done with ZERO fuel left, it is done with the fuel required for the planes actual in combat to continue in noncombat.
the minimum of the move into combat and the rest moves for maximum range is taken for fuel reserve.
e.g. bomber 6 max range.
- 1 move into combat, 5 move for max range left. the MIN(1:5) is 1.
so only fuel for 1 move has to be reserved.
- 3 move into combat, 3 move for max range left. the MIN(3:3) is 3.
so only fuel for 3 move has to be reserved.
- 4 move into combat, 2 move for max range left. the MIN(4:2) is 2.
so only fuel for 2 move has to be reserved.

so for the available fuel yy (calculated: yy = "physically existing fuel, see economy tab" minus "fuel needs for combat planes to continue in noncombat").
where "fuel needs for combat planes to continue in noncombat" = MIN("move into combat":"rest moves for max range").

the bottom ERROR line should be changed to:
"Not enough Fuel to perform this move, you need xx Fuel for this move and yy Fuel available (returning planes fuel considered)"
where xx is the fuel requirement of the actual unit to move and yy is the fuel available.

c. fuel indication at combat/noncombat:
economy tab is the only indication of the physically existing fuel.

at the bottom line, right side would be free, the available fuel yy (see b.) is shown.
Text: "Available Fuel (returning planes fuel considered): yy"

and the bottom warning (see b.) could be minimised to
"Not enough Fuel to perform this move, you need xx Fuel for this move."

d. fuel indication at purchase:
the physically existing fuel from the economy tab is shown.

if b. is realized, then here also yy should be indicated.
because for some maps the combat move is before purchase...

e. fuel consumption for defender:
a defender needs no fuel at all.

when defender is attacked, the casualties of the defender need for 1 movement fuel, e.g. 20 defender armour lost is for 20 moves fuel lost, valid for all units also planes.

f. capture fuel when capital captured:
for PUs ...
<!option name="destroysPUs" value="true"/>
<!option name="retainCapitalNumber" value="1"/>
<!option name="retainCapitalProduceNumber" value="1"/>

also for Fuel...
<!option name="destroysFuel" value="true"/>
"retainCapitalNumber" and "retainCapitalProduceNumber" should have the same meaning as for PUs.


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