#253 multiple factories

This Unstable

multiple factories and for each unit option name="requiresUnits" value="Barracks":

  • factories:
    one factory can be placed per territory and you can produce up to the territory value, if factory is repaired.
    but it cant be really destroyed, because repair before production.
    the maximum bombing damage till now existing is only a multiple of the territory pu value.
    this is quite unfair, a factory costs the same and for a smaller pu value it can be destroyed easier.

up to the territory value factories can be built and placed.
one factory costs e.g. 6 pus, cost can be set.
each factory can produce maximum one unit and it can be defined, how much factories are required to build one unit.
e.g. battleships need 4, or armour needs 2.
if factories are bombed they show the damage (up to 6), if damage higher than 6 then 1 factory is destroyed and the next will be damaged...
factories can be produced and rebuilt.
with this an effective interruption of the production process is possible.
also the max bombing damage is clearly defined, each factory 6 pus.

  • option name="requiresUnits"...
    with option name="requiresUnits" value="Barracks" more units require ONLY 1 barrack.

also the option option name="requiresUnits" value="Barracks" for a unit should mean that EACH unit will need 1 or more separate barracks.
each "requiresUnits" value="Barracks" for maximum one unit and it can be defined, how much "Barracks or Docks or Airfield" are required for one unit, same as for factory above.


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