#252 realistic automatic casualties calculation and preselection

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realistic automatic casualties calculation and preselection:

  • existing:
    an ool (order of losses) is available.
    preselection is done according lowest attack/defend value and purchase value.
    the player can change this preselection.
    but its very unrealistic that at first all cheap units are casualties....it helps the attacker.
    when units are in combat all acting units should have casualties.

  • proposal:
    this should be possible to select with a property.
    <!property name="Automatic Casualties Calculation" value="true" editable="true">

according to the split of the involved units the casualties are distributed automatically, so no player selection POSSIBLE, only the retreat can be selected.
and this for all kind of units...in all kind of battles....

30 armours and 20 infantry attack. they get 19 hits from defender.
existing with ool the 19 inf would be removed first.
with automatic ... armourhits = 19 hits x 30/50(sum) = 11,4 gives 11 FIXED hits for this unittype.
... infantryhits = 19 hits x 20/50 = 7,6 gives 7 FIXED hits for this unittype.

19 hits total minus the 11+7=18 FIXED hits gives 1 hits left to distribute.
this can be done by the player manually as already existing.
so 18 hits are FIXED unchangeable preselected and only 1 hit the player can choose.
if of course more types of units are involved the remaining casualties to manually distribute can be more than 1, depends on the remainders.

  • for multihit units as following:
    not as existing ool all hits at first multihits, only the hits for this unittype are multihits.
    after the first battle round there are UNDAMAGED multihits und DAMAGED.
    this is then also separated.
    so there can be then casualties of DAMAGED multihit units, even if there are still UNDAMAGED multihits there.


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