#237 Combat Window placement

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It would be nice if the combat window appeared on the same monitor where it was opened last(on multi monitor systems.)


  • Kendrickk

    Kendrickk - 2015-03-06

    The combat window should appear where it was closed. So i can see of my 27"- Monitor not only the combat window (right) but also the map (the rest of the monitor). And it would be nice if the size of the comb.window will be preserved.
    And if the country where the battle occurs, can be seen automaticalle left of the comb.window (if someoney places that to another place than in the middle).

    Last edit: Kendrickk 2015-03-06
  •  triplelafayette

    triplelafayette - 2015-07-07

    Adding a patch file that would have the battle calc window appear where it was closed (and with the same window dimensions).

    With respect to the second part of the feature request, automatically scrolling the map so the country is visible has a lot of consequences (particularly when there are multiple windows involved). I would suggest that element be more carefully formulated and submitted in a new ticket.

  • redrum

    redrum - 2015-07-07

    Hey Dan,

    Can you submit that as a patch in the patches section and then just in the comments link to this feature request. Otherwise this will probably get lost as the feature requests and bugs aren't checked that frequently right now.


  • redrum

    redrum - 2015-07-08

    Never mind this time. I tested and committed the patch. Closing this ticket now as the second part of the request I don't agree with and could have weird consequences.

  • redrum

    redrum - 2015-07-08
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