André Galvão - 2011-03-24

In addition, this rule would allow to balance the issue of players using the v3/v4 ruleset and LL to conduct massive strategic bombing campaigns.

To describe it briefly, if you send 6 bombers to hit a factory, one will be shot by the AA using LL and costing you 12 IPCs, but the damage inflicted will be more costly to your opponent, depending on the value of the territory bombed.

This is a big incentive to get 6 bombers and then simply bleed out Russia/Germany/UK with a sustained bombing campaign. Of course, the best way to deal with this strat is to conduct a campaign of your own.

With the fighter escort rule this could be lessened because there would be some sort of defense against the bombers other than the AA.

massive strategic bombing campaigns taking advantage of the Low Luck setting