#195 allow a rules attachment for maximum production allowed


currently the v3 rules allow you to set things like 'produce anywhere', etc.
but oddly enough, if you turn these rules on, you can suddenly produce an infinite amount, even on a zero pu territory.
i would like the ability to set:
'produce anywhere, but maximum production per territory set by territory value'
and also
'produce anywhere, but maximum production per territory is X'

the first will allow me to basically have one side that acts like it has factories in every territory.... they can produce anywhere, but are still limited in production to a territory's value (so if Sukiang's value is 2, i can produce only 2 there, if Kwangtung is worth 3, then i can produce up to 3 units there)

the second will allow me to produce a maximum number of units in each territory. (so no matter what the value of the territory is, i can produce a maximum of X units there, and i specify X in the xml)

turning both on, will allow you to produce a territories' value, but a max of X, which is awesome flexibility from a map maker point of view

thx guys,


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