#188 best feature ever! allow units to be exempt from combat


I am here to request a game feature that would allow us to make every single board game ever.
Its actually 2 game features.

1) Give us a property that allows units to be completely exempt from combat.

a property at the bottom of the xml called: "Some units exempt from combat"
and a unit attachment called:

when both are active, that unit can not attack, defend, be captured, or anything
but can be moved into enemy territory, friendly territory, moved anywhere during combat and noncombat, etc.

2) Allow us a property that gives us a "Roll Dice" button.

a property at the bottom of the xml called "Allow players to roll dice separately from actions"
and a button on the right hand part of the screen, called "Roll Dice"
that button will be there no matter what turn and what phase the game is in, and that button will still be there on the opponents turn and the AI's turn, etc.

when you click this button, a little screen comes up asking:
how many dice do you want to roll? (defaults to 1)
and how many sides do these dice have? (defaults to 6)

after you enter the info, a screen pops up to everyone playing showing:
"Player XXX rolled Y dice with Z sides. Results:"
and giving the results of the dice roll.

Simply put, with these two features, I could make almost any map and board game. I could make checkers, I could make GO, I could make Chess, I could make Risk (minus the cards), I could make a something like warhammer40k, I could make anything!

These properties would truly turn TripleA into a game table, instead of just a axis and allies type of game only.

and i think they would be pretty easy to code actually. (at least easier than coding the new declarations of war and convoy zones for pacific1940)



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