Chris Duncan - 2010-04-23

you should have separate delegates for that

one called GivePUs
one called GiveUnits

the give pu's needs to have conditions that you can set like:
which players you give it to
how much total can you give
how much to each player can you give

the GiveUnits needs to have conditions like:
which units types can be given
do the units HAVE to be on territory owned by the player you want to give them to? (or beside, for sea units)
does that territory have to be original or can it be captured territory?
does it have to be beside a factory, or just any owned/original territory?
which players can you give
how many units can you give total
how much to each player can you give

(give units needs to fulfill the requirements of 'europe', which has a lend lease feature, where any usa or uk units that start the russian turn on original russian territory can be converted to russian units. except that they can not move that turn.
this could be solved with having the delegate at the beginning of the uk turn, so that they uk has to already have those units in russia since last turn for them to be there at the beginning of her turn. since it would take effect immediately, the units would become russian and not be moveable by the uk that turn.

also, you have something in 'pacific' right now, that converts all australian units into british units...
i would love to use that with other countries...
please make it so that we can use that in our xml's (without any other pacific rules)

thx kev, i love your work,