#138 2-3 Delegates to enable (phase) loops

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Intention is to enable things like:
making (some) combat moves --> resolve combat --> make more combat moves --> resolve combat --> ...(repeat until all combat is done, then break the loop)...

This makes for a different, enjoyable style of play, beneficial especially to big maps (one of TripleA's unique strong points over board games).

Theoretically, all the usual loop constructs might be useful, but the probably most simple solution might be to have 2 delegates framing the loop, and a 3rd to break out of it:

delegate A (loop-start)
. (sequence of usual phase delegates)
delegate C (request if to continue to the next delegate or to break the loop, and thus jump behind the closest delegate B downwards)
delegate B (jump back to the closest delegate A upwards)

Delegate C could be included in B, but having em separated actually gives more flexibility.

This construct would also help to distinguish TripleA even more as being a universal turn-base-strategy engine.



  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Kevin suggested having it hardcoded and selectable as a general option in the games opening screen, together with the other game options. Probably the better solution, since I cant think of any other useful loops - meaning a general approach with universal loop delegates makes things only complicated while not offering any benefit. Plus, having it in the options would allow the procedure to be used immediately on all existing and future maps.
    Of course, an ability to chose a default for this in a maps.xml should not be forgotten.


  • redrum

    redrum - 2015-07-08

    Multiple combat phases already exist.

  • redrum

    redrum - 2015-07-08
    • status: open --> closed
    • assigned_to: redrum

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