#1 Non combat move during combat phase

Tony Pohl

On Russian turn moved an inf from Russia to Caucasus
during combat movement phase. This should not be

Other units, such as tanks from Russia for example,
are allowed to move through Caucasus as long as they
reach a country during the combat movement phase that
is enemy controlled. The tanks from Russia can move
through Caucasus to EE for example (similarly
airplanes can do this type of move).

This is probably a rules implementation issue.


  • Sean Bridges

    Sean Bridges - 2002-02-17
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  • Sean Bridges

    Sean Bridges - 2002-02-17

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    Does this affact game play in any way?

    Dont want to fix this now since some moves must be done in
    two steps. For example loading the german transport in
    central mediteranean and then unloading troops for an
    assault in egypt must be done in two steps, the first step
    is a non combat move, but it should be allowed in combat
    phase since otherwise you cannot make a valid combat move.

    For now it seems that dissalowing non combat moves in combat
    is more trouble than its worth.

  • Sean Bridges

    Sean Bridges - 2002-02-17
    • priority: 5 --> 1
    • status: open --> open-later
  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    While what you say is generally true (does it actually
    affect game play), there are situations where it does.

    For example: it is not legal to move a sub/tranny to a
    neutral sea zone on combat move in order to retstrict the
    possible retreat locations of an opposing piece.

  • Bill Landis

    Bill Landis - 2002-10-28

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    Technically (according to the rules that is) ALL movement
    made during the combat phase of the turn (such as loading of
    a transport headed for a naval combat and/or amphibious
    assault) is combat movement. So, non combat moves really
    should not be allowed during the combat movement phase.
    Naturally, the implementation issues of distinguishing
    combat and non combat moves from one another could be
    another story.

  • Craig Moffitt

    Craig Moffitt - 2004-08-17

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    In Revised, subs submerge instead of retreating. So as far
    as I can tell this is only possibly effects gameplay in 3rd
    edition since the defender can't leave the battle otherwise.

  • Craig Moffitt

    Craig Moffitt - 2004-08-17

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    In Revised, subs submerge instead of retreating. So as far
    as I can tell this is only possibly effects gameplay in 3rd
    edition since the defender can't leave the battle otherwise.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    a check needs to be added when moving a units last
    movement point to ensure it is into an uncontrolled territory,
    and when hitting DONE to ensure all units moved are now in
    an uncontrolled territory. Some care needs to be taken with
    the runover territories (no enemy defenders) to ensure it is
    possible to attack and take those with any new code. :)

    Overall allowing non-combat moves in this phase isn't a real
    bad thing anyway, as long as the unit movement points are
    kept track of. At the end of the players turn, everything
    evens out anyway.

    If there is a potential to exploit this to break the rules, then I
    think it would be a more serious problem.

  • Zartan

    Zartan - 2006-05-05

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    What about simply adding a check like that at the end of the
    non-combat move for aircraft left in enemy territory after
    combat. That way the user can make any move he wants during
    the combat movement phase, but the user will not be able to
    advance to the Combat phase until the combat move only
    condition is satisfied.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Allowing non-combat movement during the combat phase is convenient for the players and does not change the game. Over-the-board players frequently do this for convenience.

  • Cal

    Cal - 2008-05-08

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    RE: sgbridges
    I agree its a low priority item at best. It would be nice to have the option to be a total dork about rules. Many times an over a table game, I've seen erupt to a frenzy when one person forgets a key step that he thought about in combat phase but wasn't allowed to make then, then forgets it.

    if (dorkRules)
    if (!checkUnitsDestOK()) stayInCombatPhase();

    I'd never play with it on btw.

    RE: Date: 2002-02-17 19:09
    I can't ever conceive of a time where this would effect play in any way, please elaborate.

    IFF this type of a mod were to be done, it wouldn't be out of the question to think about maybe another option one that would lessen the restrictions of the computer enforced moderation. One quick example is placing units, sometimes you see a piece you forgot to move but were pissed off because buddies bomber scored a bulls eye while yours blew a box car. a simple back forward button could be used for various stages. other places (roll tech<->buy weapons) who cares really? Ever try telling someone that forgot to place there units that they lost them?


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    this should not be implemented....
    i, and many others, enjoy making non-combat moves during the combat-move phase (such as the damn russian submarine that i always forget during non-com)

  • Chris Duncan

    Chris Duncan - 2010-12-15
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