Ulland - 2013-10-07

Since I now see several points of improvement on my first edition of this bug report, I give you here an updated version.

I like the idea of the World At War map, but there are so many flaws in it. I can not make a bug report for everyone so I write this just to give the idea. If there is someone who will do this job I may be contacted for further details. My username in the TripleA lobby is KJR and my e-mail address is: ole.reier@netcom.no.

  1. Some canals maybe crossed over land and some may not. The graphical indication of this is either blue dot for crossing and two blue dots with a sea zone line between them for no land crossing. The problem is that this is not consistently enforced by the game.
  2. There are some places where the land zones are touching a little bit, some of them allow a land crossing and some do not. Make the graphics clearer on this point. Either have a clear land connection or have blue sea between them.
  3. At leased four places there are sea zone lines going out to an island, but it does not indicate a boarder to an other sea zone. Remove the lines.
  4. I believe that if you change the over all zone boarders to the same as in NWO it would help by itself for #2 and the over all appearance for the eye. But much more important is the choice of colors. The colors are way too pastel. They should be like in NWO, brighter and more easily distinguishable. This pastel color I believe is the most important thing of all to change. It is not pleasing to the eye, the NWO map is very pleasing to the eye.
  5. In the game notes there are used both the term "givesSupport" and "Art. Support", I believe there is no difference between them. Either give them all the same name or explain the difference.
  6. In the game notes, remove the second "Mot.Inf." line that tells that "Mot.Inf." here has the same properties as a "Katyusha" in NWO.
  7. In the game notes, change "STUKA" to "Stuka".
  8. In the game notes, update the Version indication. That has not been done the last two times evidently.
  9. In the games edit mode, many units do not have correct price indication, they a price of 1PU.
  10. In the games edit mode, "marines" are allowed for nations that are not allowed to buy "marines" I think, and at the same time the color of their graphical units are all wrong. They are like in Big World 42. Remove them where they are not allowed and correct the colors for the others.
  11. In the notes, the first mention of "Mot.Inf." it is set to 5PUs and with "givesSupport". I can agree that this may be logical in a battle situation, but for the purpose of the game the unit is then too similar to "Mech.Inf.". The unit should be like in NWO with a price of 4PUs and no "givesSupport" is my opinion.
  12. In the edit mode, the USA has the blue dot unit "A-Bomb" and Germany has "V2" units. Either remove the units or tell about them in the games notes and also then tell from which round those blue dot units be purchasable.
  13. The game notes says that "L.Fighter" can not land on a «Carrier». I believe that should not be so.
  14. In the game notes, the "Little Islands are Connected like Land", just remove that part and make it clear on the map with either two blue dots and a sea zone line between them, blue dot, sea between or land zones clearly touching.
  15. Decide what should be the the number of victory cities for "Projection of Power", "Honorable Surrender" and "Total Victory", and implement it.

I read in the game notes that there is an engine problem when it comes to canals. For this game that leads to a lot of bugs. Players may be able to enforce the rules themselves, but there are bound to be made much unaware cheating. But the general problem is that the graphics are not clear like I write in #2.

And again, send me an e-mail if details are needed. Especially I would like to get a version where the corrections have been made, I may then help verifying before release. I am quite skilled at testing and proofreading.

Last edit: Ulland 2013-10-07