#3 irate integration

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The basic idea is that it's a "net radio station" that
has tunes that YOU like, based on your ratings
-it autodownloads some tracks for you (configurable amount)
-you listen to them (have to use their player for it to
-you rate them
-after you listen to each track a configurable amount
of time (or if you rate it as crap) it auto-downloads a
new track to replace it. The new track(s) is(are)
based on your ratings, which are uploaded to the main
tracking server. The more you listen and rate, the
more songs you "like" are downloaded.
-ALL the songs are "free," downloaded direct from the
artist's web sites, released by the artists themselves,
so there's no copyright issues!

Note: I am working on this currently, using the cvs
trio codebase. I am sticking it in it's own section,
and will submit the code once I've got it working.
From there, feel free to take it or leave it :)

I think it's a great feature, enough so that I'm
willing to code it myself.

Design considerations:
-I am making it as a new music source (q'n'play,
jukebox, net radio, etc), not a new applet.
-ability for you to choose from multiple logins when
you activate the mode, that way everyone in the house
doesn't stop on eachothers ratings
-ability to rate current song, OR rate previous song,
from the rio itself.... any suggestions on this one????
-trio will do the downloading/etc into a temp dir, not
jrec. This mode, like listen/radio modes, will not
interact with jrec at all

I'm in the process of gutting the irate code. It's
fairly well componentized, and I'm pretty sure I'll be
able to make a library out of it (which I'll submit
back to irate and to you guys).

I'll post updates here with my progress.


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