#8 Shortcuts from remote don't work in some menu situations


I'm running JRec 0.2.5 and tRio 0.1.3-alpha2. Works
beautifully except this minor quirk. I have a huge
collection, especially lots of compilations, singles,
and one-offs, so I have many artists (4000+ according
to the MySQL table). I can only jump to "A"-"N" using
the number keys "1"-"6" on the remote pad. When I try
to jump to "O" with three presses of "6", it jumps to a
non-existant artist between two valid artists in the
"N" space, specifically "[][][][][][][][]" (not
brackets, but an empty box character) The same applies
for "P"-"Z" artists, they jump to the artist between to
"N" artists.

Albums, playlists, genres, don't exhibit this behavior,
ie. I can jump to albums that start with "Y" without
any problems, but there exist much fewer albums,
genres, etc.

I can select and play artists after "N" -- scrolling
down by hand or remote, probably all the way to "Z" (I
only went as far as "S", takes a while to scroll
through it all). But the shortcuts don't work past "N".

I'm working to get another installation with a smaller
database to see if its the number of artists which
specifically causes this problem.


  • Paul Noffke

    Paul Noffke - 2003-08-18

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    Shawn has confirmed that this is now fixed in version 0.1.4.

  • Paul Noffke

    Paul Noffke - 2003-08-18
    • status: open --> closed

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