Work restarted or how some ppl earn money with GPL

the bad times are in the past, with freeze of work on Shilosh OS (aka Trinity OS), or simply OS/3...

The current opened positions will be placed in few minutes to the project page, as main objective of SourceForge.NET to support OpenSource projects, Shilosh OS is FREE, and all of the current team members and future that will join us will work for free and glory (or they can recieve donations from the current option from SF.NET)

Few guys try to stop it, cos the main idea of Trinity covers the Lindows and Xandros, both of them commercial, and both of them cant provide really 70-90% compatibility with Windows '9x/XP applications. Now is time to show to this ppl that no one can earn money on the back of someone that make it free, example: KDE is released for FREE, GPL - Xandros, Lindows want money, for they "stupid" improvements.

Linux Kernel is OpenSource, this companies wants money again for few fucked up patches

Alsa Project is too free, GNOME, Mozilla, everythin is GPL, but this guys want to get money from the work of all others, this can be stoped.

We need Your help.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2004-04-13

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