Finaly, I'm back to the project

Cos I dont have anything other to do, than to complete it.

Quote: from the forums:

"And after six months, no one if I'm not online is not make anything :(

Cool, let's start from the beggining, I was been in a hospital with my wife, for a very long time, now she is in heaven, and I'm back to release Shilosh as soon as possible
I have only one favor, when my love is gone
To make shilosh available to the ppl for free, to brake down the Microsoft monopol, as you know, our little concurency failed their mission, and release their Lindows, for price, very big price, if I'm a end user, I will choose MS, easy to use, easy to install and no so easy to support, but this is other question. with their stupid Linux failed. Now is our way to show, what we can do. I hope, that you're ppl, will be with me, to complete it this task."

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-12-29

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