pkgtools/pkgmk dependencies version support

  • ford prefect

    ford prefect - 2002-06-29

    this more for the packagers but i`ll wellcome any openion...
    i finished all the routins and function need for version suppot ( for checking/installing dependencies >,< or = to some package version) but i need an openion about how shoud it be writen in the ".pkgfile"

    i thought about [>= | <= | == ][dep_name]#[[maj_ver]<.minor_ver>...]-[rel].pkg.tar.gz
    where the needed vesion decartion replace the "#" in the file.

    what do you think?

    • Stefan Ilivanov

      Stefan Ilivanov - 2002-07-01

      I think at the moment only me, and few guys here in Bulgaria are the packagers, and ports maintainers. For this I can say only this, as developer/maintainer of pkgutils, you must provide a cool explanation of the changes, for example make an example Pkgfile as main in pkgutils documentation, added in Documentation section. In this way this documentation is now obsolete, cos you're add new features like dependesies, 10x for this. But no one, include myself, cant understand what is changed, to what, and how to rewrite the ports tree. I know, most of the members include myself and you have bad english, grrr, but some of them are born English and can make the new documentation available. This is another task to you, If you cant do something, it's not a problem, here everyone work in Team, do you remeber Trinity Development Team? If you need help just contact with the right man or girl(in furture may have some :) ).

      Second until is released as Alpha, some golbal changes must be done with it, changes to the extension cos this pkg.tar.gz is a very long, second a option to Pkgfile for package builders and maintainers for the different archs.
      386, 486, HPPA, Alpha etc.

      And so sorry to said, but from this announce I cant understand how to make for example changes to the new GTK+, take it from ports-0.1.2 and made changes by yourself, than send it back to me. All packages that GTK+ 2.0.x that are required dependencies are described in README and INSTALL files.


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