XFS vs. JFS vs. ReiserFS vs. Ext3

  • Stefan Ilivanov

    Stefan Ilivanov - 2002-04-18

    What of them is best, compatible and stable to be default in upcoming release ?

    • Jeremy Reeve

      Jeremy Reeve - 2002-04-25

      In my opinion, maybe it would be better in terms of compatibility to stick with Ext2 for the time being. Just in case people are building mixed systems with it..... Only a thought.

      • ford prefect

        ford prefect - 2002-04-25

        i think a support for Ext by default would be the right choice since it`s more commanly used. about if it should be 3 or 2 well unless the project going RC in 4-5 months
        i vote for Ext3.   

    • Tim Crouch

      Tim Crouch - 2002-04-25

      To me it seems that we should consider the following:

      What is most important to the project?
          - Widely used/accepted FS?
          - Fastest FS?
          - Cutting edge technology?
          - Being unique?

      Once that has been determined, then we can choose the best fit.  I did manage to find a fairly decent comparison of several candidates:


      • Stefan Ilivanov

        Stefan Ilivanov - 2002-04-28

        First of all stable and secure, Ext2 and Ext3 is supported by last 2.4.18 by default, we will not remove them from the base, ext2 will be available to install as modules, not built in.

        The questions is, what of this 4 filesystems is fast and stable enough.

        I work on my dual Athlon XP 2x2.0GHz, with 2.4.18-XFS, and i can see when i extract a large file likde kde3 localization 80megs tar.bz2, when is extraced about 10% of the archive system freeze during flush the cache, this not good, XFS works like old good Central Point PC-Cache, later micrsoft takes the idea, and make Smartdrive. For me, XFS is good, but not enough, if this flushes not present, maybe will be the my choice.

        Kernel 2.4.18 gives a large support of filesystem for compatibility. Trinity must use, fast and stable filesystem, not cutting edge, or something very new, or old and slow ext2.

        I dont have opinion at the moment, i use XFS and ext3, i cant see where's the difference between ext & ext3, but for SGI XFS i saw enough.

        Anyone to say something for ReiserFS or IBM JFS? Or maybe for SGI XFS, i'm was not happy with SGI, but someone, must know something that i don't

    • Luke Philpot

      Luke Philpot - 2002-05-03

      Ext3 gets my vote... :)

    • Stefan Ilivanov

      Stefan Ilivanov - 2002-05-18

      Ok, ext3 will be by default, all others will be available as modules, and advanced section

      • Stefan Ilivanov

        Stefan Ilivanov - 2002-05-31

        just to fix

        in advanced section for the installer, ext3 is stable for all platforms


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