is the project alive?

  • ford prefect

    ford prefect - 2003-02-12

    well i just started to vist the project page again and notice that new things got add is the project is still running? does it need any help?


    • Luke Philpot

      Luke Philpot - 2003-02-15


    • Stefan Ilivanov

      Stefan Ilivanov - 2003-05-04

      huh, there are few mans that still work on this project. Me, you - Eran Uzan, and maybe, but not sure - Ignat Lichenko, from the all others i didnt get any response from a long time.

    • mega-squall

      mega-squall - 2003-12-27

      Uuuh, well i'm aslos asking the question ...
      If ya need a hand


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