#6 New tracks: Alignster, Eversnake, Smallswirl



I created a track using geomorph (natural heightmap), inkscape (track path + checkpoint coordinate finding) and gimp (merging of heightmap and track path for all 3 textures, color tweaks). It was quite fun and a smooth process, much more time was used on working on the level and testing it rather than fighting with the tools. :)

Here are some screenshots of the result: http://www.flickr.com/photos/qubodup/sets/72157628919692179/detail/

I don't think the level is very good to look at but it is fun and seems to differ from existing ones. Might feel more like a racing track rather than a rally one though. The color map feels pretty ugly to me. Should you want to include this level in the official release, it might be good to edit the colors.

I have seen .zip files in the svn and think that this method scares away from editing levels later (as it means a new revision of a fat binary data, rather than just one image or one txt file :) ).

I license the track under GPL of whatever version Trigger uses or if you want to use lgpl, cc-by3+ or cc-by-sa3+ instead, that would be fine as well. http://www.box.com/s/76oldk1yq1n54yxdf776

The 'source' (just the svg and png of the heightmap) is in public domain/cc0 http://www.box.com/s/vsdr9ki2uf30rj8vddgz


  • landroni

    landroni - 2012-01-18

    Good news! We were looking into finding a terrain generator and come up with a semi-automated way to generate new tracks (as Delta was created long time ago), but we quickly got stuck. The path you've taken looks interesting, and it might spur interest if you documented it somewhere.

    The level itself is very driveable, more so than Monkey Business or Pulp, and this is important. That aside, I think Trigger needs more such "conventional" tracks. Concerning the color scheme, maybe it lacks more foilage here and there. One question: is there a specific reason why only the Seat is available for this track?

    I guess you're right about the .zip files: it may be a good idea to move the zips into ordinary folders/files.

  • J

    J - 2012-01-19

    Nice track! I like the banking on the corners. it took me four tries to complete it!

    The zip mechanism was intended to make it easier to package optional plugins. I agree that it's probably better to distribute the included maps without putting them in zip files.

  • Iwan Gabovitch (qubodup)

    Glad you like it!

    I made a... kind of tutorial http://bit.ly/y7I8oY . It feels like much more work now. :) Also I don't like the track I produced there too much.

    I don't know if there is a difference between the cars. I only added one, hoping it would reduce loading time for testing (and forgot to add more back in) :)

    test html
    test bbcode [url=http://bit.ly/y7I8oY]post[/post]

  • landroni

    landroni - 2012-01-20

    The Tutorial is great! Thanks for coming up with it. Now we're considering creating a simple project webpage on top of the SF project summary page. (Something similar to the one for Impressive [1].) When we do that, we'll certainly link to your tutorial.
    [1] http://impressive.sourceforge.net/

    As for the cars, the Seat is the slowest and most stable, the Ford is quick and very driveable (my preferred), while the Mitsubishi is the quickest.

    Please feel free to commit the track.

  • Iwan Gabovitch (qubodup)

    1. I commited alignster. I changed to lowercase, to match the other levels. I made all three cars selectable. (This was the track you wanted me to commit, right? :)

    2. I would like to give an alternative version of eversnake (added quite a bit of hand gimp editing) for review [1], a high-speed, long-lanes track with some landmarks and an intentionally entertaining ending as well as another track called Smallswirl [2], a small, rocky, even-track map. Both GPL.

    3. I created a minimal website (index.html + style.css + favicon.ico). Already linked it in a thread, where websites were discussed but I'll link it again just in case [3]

    [1] http://www.box.com/s/d8vopq6n6xb2rl9e7ul0
    [2] http://www.box.com/s/3j6qo7q62645e5o8zr4t
    [3] http://qubodup.net/trigger-web/

  • landroni

    landroni - 2012-01-22
    1. Yes! It's great that all cars are selectable now in 'alignster'. All seems right.

    2. Please change level name to Camelcase, since 'eversnake' is sorted at the very end of the list, while 'Eversnake' would be sorted as expected. Track name is different from folder name. Otherwise, the latest 'Eversnake' is much better and more driveable than the first version. I'd vote for including it in SVN.

    As for Smallwirl, please check in. It's excellent. It vaguely recalls '8765'.

    1. Concerning the website. I think it's a great start! Several comments. The favicon.ico should be the one used by default in Linux, namely trigger-rally.xpm (or under any other extension). The 'Download Trigger' link is nice, recalling the same link on SF, but all the other links are too flashy. It would be nicer on the eye if they were all using a different markup, perhaps bold face with regular background colour, similar to the links in the Impressive site. [2] We should also add the Youtube videos that are being linked to from the project summary page. Other than these remarks, I'm all for setting up the site at once.
      [2] http://impressive.sourceforge.net/

    Unless Jasmine would consider setting up a mailing list for the devels, I would suggest reporting such topics to the devels' forums [1].
    [1] https://sourceforge.net/projects/trigger-rally/forums/forum/527955

    Thanks for all your efforts!


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