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On 28 May 2012 18:25, Liviu Andronic <> wrote:
Hey Ishmael

On Mon, 28 May 2012 00:52:56 +0200, Ishmael Turner <> wrote:
The problem I had was that most of the cross-compiling information I found
assumed Autoconf and Automake. So I faced the prospect of learning the
Autotools first and then learning (and possibly fixing) Autojam before I
could even start a build. I did an Automake based build instead, to reduce
the number I things I had to learn. I used a patched copy of MXE ( to build all the dependencies. I patched the audio code so
that the Windows build would use OpenAL. The build failed on the link step
(some pkg-config problem), and I had to cobble together my own link call to
GCC, but I got an executable out of it.

Hmm, I wasn't expecting that there would be so many complications here.

It took me awhile to figure out the autotools mindset mostly! And I tried to re-invent the wheel and cross-compile the dependent libraries myself, MXE was a big time saver, once I found it.

I tested the executable under Wine, XP, and Vista and it worked! I
installed manually by copying the data folder next to the executable's
location. I haven't worked on the MSI yet, and I may use NSIS instead. Even
ZIP would be fine at first.

Yes, with proper installation instructions a ZIP would do just fine. I propose that we start small: come up with a working binary (which it seems you already did), label it 'experimental' and release it in the wild. Those needing Win binaries will be happy, and we waive responsibility. :)

I've given up trying to upload to SF, it's just too slow tonight. See if you can pick it up from here:

- Create C:\Program Files\Trigger Rally (or C:\Program Files (x86) on 64-bit Windows)
- Copy trigger.exe from the link above into the new folder
- Download the latest data from SF
- Unpack the data into the new folder. Do not keep the 'data' top level folder, that is, you should have 'events', 'maps', 'textures' etc. directly in the Trigger Rally folder.
- Optionally create a shortcut.

Then you should be able to start trigger.exe.

I have got a few things to do before I can release it, the main issue is to
make the build repeatable, since it depends on my PC's setup. I have to fix
the final linking step.
Could you send me the binaries so that I could give it a spin?

And, it would be good if the Automake build could

Do we have 'automake'? I thought we were with 'waf'? Oh, I realized that 'automake' is part of your personal hackings.

Yes that's right, I created a personal build using Autoconf and Automake. The official build system is Autoconf and Autojam. I quite like jam as build tool but I don't understand the Jamfiles well enough to know if any failures in the cross-compile are bugs in Autojam or problems in our build scripts, or the cross-compile configuration. There is a lot more documentation for Automake so I stuck with that.
support native Linux, mingw cross builds on Linux, and mingw builds on
Windows, and native OSX.

Yes, that would be cool. As soon as we have a recipe that I understand, I could take care of the packaging for future releases.

I had expected that I would have time for Trigger a few weeks ago but my
personal life intervened and realistically I doubt I'll have time over the
next few weeks.
Good luck with that! I'm also a bit busy myself.

I might be able to upload my repository to Gitorous if
there is any interest in looking at my Autotools branch.
Yes, that would be nice, I think. Maybe Jasmine could take a look at it, too.

I've created a repository on Gitorious:

The 'autotools' branch has my build work, there is some documentation but it is only first draft material. I can't remember, but I hope there is nothing embarrassing in it! The master branch is the SVN branch.

Give it a few hours before you try downloading it though. It is still uploading as of when I sent this mail. 40 KiB/s up, can you believe.

I'll see if I can
upload the executable I have from the only successful build so far to SF as

Along with installation instructions, that would be great.