Wow, it must have been a lot of work to come up with all those variations!
I reviewed them quickly, the TLDR version, I like Thabit by a long way
and if the countdown comment could be cleaned up then I would vote for
this one to replace the current font.

Original: This seems to be a monospaced, serif font in a type writer
style with a touch of grunge. Since it is a bitmap font the larger sizes
are pixellated, and this holds for the rest of the fonts reviewed
below. The zero does not have a cross or dot but there is no problem
distinguishing it from a capital 'O' since the zero has a narrower
form. The zero appears to be cut off on the right hand side. Overall a
nice looking font for a game.

Dejavu Sans Mono: Clean look in menus, the dot in the middle of the zero
is a bit distracting in the timers. Go! has a 'shadow' above it possibly
because of spacing in the font texture bitmap.

Liberation Mono: I didn't view them side-by-side but it looks the same
as Dejavu. The Go! did not have the shadow above it which was an

Not Courier Sans: This was a fatter looking font compared to Dejavu and
Liberation. There was no slash or dot in the zero so I slightly
preferred the numerals of this fonts for the timers over the previous
two. The font wasn't completely sans-serif, I noticed a serif on the 'i'
which made it look out of place. There were some stray pixels, probably
from spacing problems in the texture. Overall, this looked good.

Nova Mono: A very rounded sans-serif. It reminds me of an extreme form
of the Ubuntu font. The numerals on this were good, with a slash through
the zero. There were some stray pixels especially on the zero when
displayed in the timers but also above the 'i'. I didn't like it.

Terminus: A retro terminal style font. There are some stray pixels
visible in the track comment during the countdown. Other then that I
think this is a good looking font for a game.

Thabit: This looks good! It's a type-writer style font, but not as
grungy as the original so it has a cleaner look. The zero doesn't have
 a dot or slash. It also had stray pixels visible on the comment during
the countdown. I think this is the best looking one and I even prefer
it to the original.

On 6 March 2012 15:09, Iwan Gabovitch <> wrote:
On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 8:55 PM, Liviu Andronic <>wrote:
There are Sans variations of DejaVu Mono and Liberation Mono. Could we try out one of those?

I now realized that getting the spacing right is hard even with monospace fonts. DejaVu Sans Mono [1] seems to work at 24px with linespacing=4 and letterspacing=17.6


For Liberation Mono [2] I used 24px/4.9/17.7


These should probably be tested at 4:3 aspect ratio, or else they get stretched.



PS: I created three more font tests [3] [4] [5] and made a correct-spacing noncouriersans [6] version.


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