That sounds like a reasonable position, and the textures look great!

Perhaps it would be better not to include a date on the car licence plates though?

- Jasmine

On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 1:06 AM, Iwan Gabovitch <> wrote:

Note: Jasmine and Ishmael, your opinions regarding this topic are high in demand. :)

let's discuss the car textures and the changes to car branding and advertisements in svn.

I created replacements for the old car textures. They look like this:

There was some discussion in already.

The (old) Evo, Seat and Focus textures are non-free: the images are from unknown sources (copyright infringement) and they contain lots of trademarks. I created replacements with fictional car brands/names (cordon, eva, fox) and advertisements based on FOSS project names and FOSS command line tools.

My position is that copyright and trademark law needs to be followed without a company having to complain first. I also oppose giving advertisement to non-free products/projects.

Using non-free trademarks gives the brand owners power over Trigger Rally in being able to require it to change the use of the trademark. Not to speak of the power of being advertised to Trigger Rally players. I do not agree with a "let's deal with it if it comes to it" sentiment, I believe the project should own what it consists of, which is part of why I'm invested into replacing all copyright-questionable files (hopefully there won't be any before the next release).

Fictional brands and ads are fine for me. I don't insist on the names, logos and replacement-ads that I chose but would prefer to keep them.

Looking forward to hearing your position. :)


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