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I don't quite like it. Several reasons:
- I see nothing wrong with having several layouts for a given map. For example, see the 3 'Old Macdonald' variations (in addition to the original layout). Actually I find it nice to show the user that one given track can be perceived and driven in an entirely different manner. Thus I would insist on keeping 'Lab Rally (bis)'.
- Related to the above, in your revision the 3rd cp is along a straight wall that acts like a buffer and is easy to pass by; in your original Lab Rally the 3rd cp is at crossroads, and in my layout this 3rd cp is very tricky. This is lost in your revision.
- The in-game map of your revision is quite confusing. The by-product of reducing the track size is that the in-game map is no longer very helpful.
- And last, I'd also like to keep the track comment intact: the original is a "smarty-pants" track named 'Lab Rally', and I do feel like a "lab rat" when completing the race, especially in the 'bis' configuration. :) So "Be quick as a rat!" seems only appropriate.

Thanks for pointing all this out. I committed the original map files and our two level files.

Do you know what the logic of the names is? It seems to be Latin numbers [1] but I don't know how the two levels should be named (and why). :)

[1] http://www.orbilat.com/Languages/Latin/Grammar/Latin-Numerals.html
Here's the cosmetically revised revision of 'Lab Rally (bis)': changed time limit and author info. [1]
[1] http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00985621426022934735

Right. Youtube has silently failed on me on several upload attempts, but this was probably linked to my using Opera. I'll try with a different browser and see what it gives.

Let me know what you think