First of all, here's a website with 97 embedded screenshots (I think 12MB) of the new car textures [1].

[1] http://f.qubodup.net/triggerall.html

Now some info about the textures:

Manufacturer names

I designed the manufacturers so that they would have "T", "R" and "I" as their starting names, I chose names that would somewhat fit a company that makes cars. They are:

"Tex Technologies" or "Tex Technologies Sports" (Tex is based on the TeX open source software/project, which might be kind of problematic. However it goes well with "Technologies" and LaTeX is much more famous than Tex.)
"Rotor" or "Rotor Automobiles" (Not based on anything, I decided on that name after designing the blocky X-shaped logo)
"Iron Precisions" (Completely made up)

The TRI combination is supposed to be a self-reference to TRIgger rally. "Tri" also means "three" (for example in English and Russian) which is conveniently fitting.

Car names

The car names are designed to be similar to the proprietary car names. I used "words" [2] to find similar-starting/sounding words. They are:

"Evaluate Pi" ("Eva"), which is also a programming/mathematics reference.
"Cordon" is just a location name in at least two countries [3], it could be the location where the car was designed or first tested or something like that to rationalize the naming.
"Fox Mark II" ("Fox"), which is not supposed to reference Firefox but just feel like a car named after an animal.

[2] http://www.archlinux.org/packages/community/any/words/
[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cordon

Texture details

All cars have "TRI 12" signs at the front, which stands for "TRI 2012 Trigger Championship", which is placed on the side of each car. Some of the old textures had this with "WRC" (world rally championship).

Each car has its name written on its back, just like some of the old textures had.

Each car has the logo of its manufacturing company in many places, some even have the name written out on them. This was also the case with the old textures.

Thanks to farrer's blender work, all cars have left and right side, so the text is not mirrored any more on one of the sides.

All fonts are freely licensed, taken from standard font packages, TeX font packages or Google Web Fonts [4].

[4] http://joemaller.com/1856/download-google-fonts/


All cars have advertising on them. The advertisement has a "noise" effect, making the sum of the car texture irregular, which is beneficial, because Trigger Rally has no reflection effects. Having irregularities in the texture that are logical make the player notice the lack of visual effects less easily.

I improvised advertising and it's mostly based on common commands and open source software, especially software I used for working on Trigger Rally. No official logo images or text styles were used, instead I created text styles that are similar to the old textures' advertisement graphics' styles.

I strongly oppose the use of real logos because 1. we would have to check whether they are protected in non-open ways (like Firefox for example) and 2. because I personally find real nonsensic advertising extremely annoying, even if it's for "good" products. I want to use open source software/package/command names but in a style that doesn't make it feel like they are advertising the real thing but instead products/names that happen to have the same name as some open source software packages/commands.

Advertising the real software would only be acceptable if it would be realistic that the marketing team of the software in question would have made a logical decision to advertise on rally cars and if the licenses of their logos and trademark use terms would be compatible.

A list of all ads in the new UV textures follows:

"GREP | SED | LESS" - a reference to common command line text processing tasks.
"GDB BT" - a reference to common debugging steps on *nix
"SOXi" - a reference to "soxi", which is part of the Sox toolkit, a command line audio processor (used for sound creation for Trigger Rally)
"JAMFILE - LOREMIPSUM" - a reference to the build system used by Trigger Rally, the second part of the "brand" is never at readable resolution)
"FREESOUNDORG" - a reference to freesound.org, which helped finding freely licensed sounds for Trigger Rally. The website software is open source and much of the website content is freely licensed.
"OPENGAMEART" - a reference to opengameart.org, which allowed me to find help for working on the car UV textures. The website software will soon be open source and it's based on open source Drupal and it serves freely licensed art only.
"OPENAL OPENGL PHYSFS" - reference to libraries used by Trigger Rally (as far as I know?) They have same width and are hard to read on the texture.
"INKSCAPE" - a reference to the heavily used vector graphics editor for creating these car UV textures.
"MANPAGES" - a reference to man pages. Everybody should know about them. ;)
"QUBODUP+FARRER" - a reference to the two people responsible for the new UV textures. Hard to read, intended as an easter egg.
"ZLIB" - Trigger Rally uses zlib. Ad is hardly readable.
"VIMACS" - a joke about vim and emacs, although such a project actually exists. Hardly readable.
"KRAFT KERNEL" - a reference to the Linux Kernel (could be anything called "Kernel" though).
"HASKELL" - a reference to a programming language that has two open source implementations that a friend of me likes and uses. Hardly readable.
"∞LÖVE" - a reference to "LÖVE" aka "love2d", an open source game engine/library. Hardly readable.
"MAKE MOTO" - a reference to the make build system. Does not apply to Trigger but sounds good with "moto" (from "motor").
"PS AUX" - a reference to the monitoring command. It's placed on the breaks of the Cordon.
"cat|GREP&SED|EILBOILER" - a reference to common command line text processing tasks, the last word is made up and not readable.
"@BASH" - a reference to the shell, the string fit an ad I was replacing with this.

The ads so far I feel comfortable with keeping because they are either generic, fitting Trigger Rally or hard to read. I'm open to suggestions.

Note that the pipes and ampersands are supposed to be decorations that act as insider jokes to players that know the command's and symbol's meanings.

"FFMPEG VLC KDENLIVE" - a reference to open source video playback and en-/decoding. Except for FFMpeg, there's no relation to Trigger though. I'll probably replace it with the names of the tools that I used to record videos of Trigger Rally (wmctrl and ffmpeg).
"OGA!!!FGD" - a reference to opengameart.org and freegamedev.net. Will have to be replaced, since FGD isn't involved in Trigger Rally

Further action

I will commit the new UV textures at the current status into SVN so it's easy to test them.


On Sat, Jul 28, 2012 at 9:27 AM, Liviu Andronic <liv-public@myopera.com> wrote:
On Fri, 27 Jul 2012 17:43:47 +0200, Iwan Gabovitch <qubodup@gmail.com> wrote:
By the way, in my post on Friday, July 27, 2012 - 16:02 [2] you can see my
latest attempt at replacing the evo. Thanks to farrer's uv-mapping efforts,
both sides of the car have individual sections in the texture, so one side
is not a mirrored version of the other side any more.

[2] http://opengameart.org/comment/12728#comment-12728

The Evo doesn't look bad for a potential replacement. Same holds for Seat.

As for the ads to be used on the car, I would prefer if we had logos and names of genuine open-source projects rather than "rm -f ~/*"-style strings (don't try that!). For example we could put in Inkscape, LyX, Xfce, Midori, etc. We could also use their mantras, such as: LyX - The Document Processor. Of course choosing what FOSS projects make it to the car may prove a thorny issue, but I suspect we could have a civilized discussion on that. :) Oh, I also liked the 'Trigger Rally Championship' suggestion: Sounds imposing.