#23 Add login/users


Having user profiles is a precondition for introducing the concept of unlocking new cars, maps, events or other features. Therefore it's an important feature for enhancing the over all gameplay. At the moment every time you start the game you will end up in the same situation. No previous achievements can make a difference in your in-game possibilities.

With user profiles we can introduce real callenges and rewards.


  • Onsemeliot

    Onsemeliot - 2016-02-23

    With the highcore and unlocking mechanism this has been resolved without introducing a real login. Instead it works with encrypted player files starting with version 0.6.4.

    Last edit: Onsemeliot 2016-02-23
  • Andrei

    Andrei - 2016-02-23

    Feel free to Edit and Close this ticket for now.

    I wish to note that I don't think HiScore1 is of high enough quality to be a long term solution. However I believe it's good enough for a few new versions.

    The main problems of HiScore1:

    • It cannot update the .PLAYER file by appending new data: so each time new records are saved, the .PLAYER file is rebuilt from scratch.
    • It consumes a lot of memory: all the times of all players are read into memory into a single collection.
  • Onsemeliot

    Onsemeliot - 2016-02-23

    Especially the ressource demands could become an issue with longer used profiles. Of course one dirty solution for that could be to just throw away very old/large payer profiles or to edit them with the unencryption tool you provided.

    An other possibility would be to keep onle the best 100 highscores and not all of them. (I don't know at which numbers aggregated statistics become an issue.)

  • Andrei

    Andrei - 2016-02-23

    (I don't know at which numbers aggregated statistics become an issue.)

    My intuition (which may be wrong of course) tells me that on a modern computer with multiple GB's of memory that number is higher than we could care for. However if this memory consumption issue becomes a problem for users, then a highscore limit can be added in trigger-rally.config without breaking the .PLAYER format in any way.

    I am a bit more concerned about the first point, which can become annoying when the player's own .PLAYER file grows too large. One "fix" could be to not re-save the file after each new record but only at game exit. The drawback is that if the game crashes the player will lose all progress. Another "fix" combines the previous two: save at game exit but also after a certain number of new records have been made, for example 5 (but this is bothersome to implement).


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