how to configure gamepad?

  • Luis Davila

    Luis Davila - 2012-01-29

    hi, I have a gamepad Trust GM-1300 with 3 modes: gamepad, joystick and wheel.
    In gamepad mode I can drive with HAT control and accelerate/reverse with
    butons, but is no my preferred mode, but if I change to "joystick mode" even
    if I can accelerate, I can turn only to left with the left joystick, but not
    to right :( I tried changing in the trigger.config file in JOYSTICK OR JOYPAD
    and nothing change. How can I configure to turn to right too? the gamepad is
    calibrated. I love this game and now with the last update is really great but
    with the keyboard or with the hat control is less interesting, even if I
    continue to play. Thanks for your work in this project..

    in this section of config file I tried changing number index of axis but each
    time the same, only turn to left :(

    ]<!-- Typical joypad configuration -->
                    <joystick enable="yes">
                            <button action="forward" index="0" />
                            <button action="back" index="1" />
                            <axis action="right" index="0" direction="+" deadzone="0.10" maxrange="1.00" />
                            <axis action="left" index="0" direction="-" deadzone="0.10" maxrange="1.00" />
                            <button action="handbrake" index="2" />
  • Jasmine Kent

    Jasmine Kent - 2012-01-30

    It's unfortunate that we don't have in-game joystick configuration, which
    would make this a lot easier to debug (or perhaps, make it unnecessary to

    I suggest that you install and run "jstest" to find out which axes your
    joystick is using in your preferred mode, and then try to set up the config
    file accordingly.

    If the "only turns left" problem persists then it's possible there is a bug in
    Trigger's joystick handling, which is not very well tested.

  • Luis Davila

    Luis Davila - 2012-02-09

    @jareiko thx for your advice, i'll install "jstest" and i'll see config..


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