wannabe contributor

  • Hi.. I want to contribute a map to trigger's repository. How can I do it ?
    When is the website going to be up? Are there any other forums/mailing lists?

    • I also want to contribute new maps for this game. Please admins - set me as developer for project. Or if admins no longer administers this project - maybe this means that we need new admin for project ?

  • Adrià Gomez
    Adrià Gomez

    i want too, i have some new maps. Please admins, reactivate this project.

  • landroni

    I've just sent an inquiry message to the project admin . Fingers crossed


  • J

    I've added you all as developers. More maps are very welcome, thank you! Feel
    free to remove yourself if you're no longer interested.

    Unfortunately I no longer have the original web hosting that this project was
    using, and I never seem to have time to set up a page on SourceForge. If
    anyone would like to have a go please feel free. Let me know if you need extra
    permissions - I'm not very familiar with SF.

  • landroni

    Nice! Thanks

  • I created a new version :
    added another screenshot and positioned both in a more direct way
    removed feed links and instead rely on the user having a browser that supports "<head><link/></head>"-ing of feeds
    added videos
    use the icon that apparently has been created by debian managers, it doesn't seem to exist in trigger-rally svn
    * links are 'normal' now (except dl link)


  • J

    Yes, the site looks great, thank you! Are you able to upload it to the
    sourceforge web space yourself?

    +1 to all landroni's comments, particularly that we should promote using the
    distro or PPA packages above the direct download link, so that users can
    benefit from automatic updates.

  • landroni

    The 'naev' style looks just fine to me; we can change later if we want to. Now
    the page looks ready to be published. I would only fix these:
    - Gentoo is misspelled
    - perhaps 'PPA' -> 'Ubuntu PPA'

    PS We've just set-up a mailing list. We'll try to keep that as the main
    channel for development-related discussions.

  • I fixed the two typos in v3. Should the ML also be linked?

    To give me web access: Admin / Members / qubodup / Allow access to shell
    server group space (i.e. web space) YES

  • Jasmine Kent
    Jasmine Kent

    qubodup, you are already enabled for shell access. Is it not working?

  • landroni

    Yes, I would add the ML, too.

  • It's a lift-off!


    Pardon the confusion, I only now figured out that I have to cd a bit to find
    trigger-rally's webspace.