Spreading the word about Trigger Rally

  • landroni

    landroni - 2012-01-26

    The additions look great. And the site is long overdue.

    As for the AlternativeTo widgets, I'd like to have it on our web site.
    However, you're right that these widgets are often criticised (as the facebook
    and twitter ones), so I guess this really is Jasmine's call. If we do this,
    then we should probably also add an 'ohloh' widget , and take some more care
    of the Trigger entry there. If we go that road, we might consider (shivers)
    adding a Facebook profile for Trigger, with the infamous 'like' button on our
    site; and, why not!?, add the equivalent Google+ thingy.


  • Jasmine Kent

    Jasmine Kent - 2012-01-26

    Thank you qubodup! We should promote you to head of marketing. ;)

    I think it's okay to have widgets at the bottom of the page. Also, please
    could you change the copyright line to say "Trigger authors" instead of
    "Jasmine Langridge and Richard Langridge"?

    I created a Google+ page for Trigger just a couple of days ago actually:


    If you want to circle it I'll add you as managers.

  • Iwan Gabovitch (qubodup)

    I updated the copyright line and added some image links in the footer.

    Thanks for making the G+ page! :)


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