Icy Peak & Snowy Hills

  • Matthias Keysermann

    Two more new maps:

    Icy Peak
    Simple map with only one route and one mountain... just go up to the top.
    Might need some improvement. Please let me know what's missing and what could
    be done better.

    Snowy Hills
    A small map with some freedom - there is no exact route, only a few waypoints
    (but no "exploration" map at all). A challenge is to find the best way. Hope
    the time is not too hard (shouldn't be as it's possible to finish in about

    These maps should make a challenge together with Mountain Pass and maybe
    another map.

    Find the download at http://www.makephotos.de/trigger-
    (just put the zip in the plugins folder and the
    maps appear in the maps section).

  • landroni

    landroni - 2010-07-30

    Dear Matthias
    I had some internet connection issues lately that kept me from posting on the
    forum, although my feedback was ready the previous week.

    Icy Peak is probably not my favourite, being very bumpy and consequently very
    slow (at least on my Debian testing, with Trigger's paper-weight gravity; on
    Ubuntu with same hardware the feeling is different). Especially in the evo,
    the experience is strange since almost at a any time you cannot go full-
    throttle and it's very hard to keep the car under control. With the focus the
    track is much more enjoyable. The way I see it, it would make sense to remove
    evo from the cars available. Or perhaps levelling the field a bit and setting
    a shorter time limit. The good thing about the bumps is that it effectively
    gives an icy feeling.

    Snowy hills felt very strange at first try, and very nice after learning the
    optimal route. It even allows for 6th gear full-throttle,
    Great plains-style. The timing is generous, since it is equally possible to
    win via the hilly route. The optimum route is
    much easier to find than in Rocky prairie, but elegantly concealed.

    From all available tracks, Mountain Pass is my favourite. I find the first
    70sec the best combination of full-throttle and technical corners. Very nice.


  • Matthias Keysermann

    Ok, thx for the reply.
    I think I'll only release Snowy Hills as a single map and Mountain Pass stays
    separate (no cup).
    Maybe, if I want to spend more time, then I'll improve Icy Peak. But not now.

    Anyway, there is a small collection of maps now (together with Scorpio, etc.),
    and they are valueable additions to the original maps.


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