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Rick Hull
  • Rick Hull

    Rick Hull - 2007-04-09

    Using 0.5.2

    The controls were a bit awkward at first, using the keyboard, but once I adjusted, they make some sense. The key is to tap your steering inputs, unless you want to get the car sideways. That's not clear at first, because of the delay between steering input and when the car actually pivots.

    It made for some heavy frustration at first, trying to get the car under control whilst whipsawing left and right. Perhaps a friendly warning message would be appropriate: "If you're having trouble with the controls, try tapping the inputs instead of holding them down."

    Maybe have a "whipsaw detector"? :)

    Fantastic effort. I really like horsing around on the Egypt level. I think gravity is a little light, though.

    • Rick
    • Nikolay Orlyuk

      Nikolay Orlyuk - 2008-04-26

      Yeah game is good

      But that would be nice to have some help about units and parameters used in vehicle descriptions.
      BTW is that only car-racing?... According to sources there is more types of vehicles such as tank, plane (debug I think), hovercraft etc.

      If this project will have future that would be great game.

      • J

        J - 2008-04-28

        In general, the units are roughly SI (meter/kilogram/newton). Reading through the evo vehicle file:

        The rate parameters in <ctrlparams> are exponents for the interpolation of controls like steering.

        I don't think the engine power is a real unit, since the engine and drive system simulation isn't particularly realistic.

        The gears are specified as ratios between engine speed and driveshaft speed. The game does not keep track of the engine speed as a separate variable; instead, engine speed is deduced from the driveshaft speed (average of angular velocity of wheels, weighted by "drive" values).

        <part> position is in meters, and orientation is specified as a quaternion.

        <wheel> has the following values:
        - pos: local position relative to <part> in meters
        - radius: the radius of the wheel
        - drive: fraction of engine power delivered to this wheel (divided by total drive of all wheels)
        - steer: angle in radians that this wheel will turn when steering
        - force: the spring constant of the suspension, 'k' in the equation (iirc) F + kx + cv = 0
        - dampening: the dampening/damping factor of the suspension, 'c' in the above equation
        - brake1: the maximum torque to apply when using the foot brake
        - brake2: the maximum torque to apply when using the hand brake

        Values for <clip> are similar. Look at the code for other clip types than "body". There is indeed code for other types of vehicles. In fact, Trigger started out as a flight sim. I was going to make it an aerial dogfighting game - hence the name!

        It would be great if this game did see further development, but I guess it's not likely. I'd be happy if it just serves as inspiration for others to go ahead and write even better games :)


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