Hi Onsemeliot,

It's Tex, not Text. :)

Here's what I wrote in an older email:

"Tex Technologies" or "Tex Technologies Sports" (Tex is based on the TeX open source software/project, which might be kind of problematic. However it goes well with "Technologies" and LaTeX is much more famous than Tex.)
"Rotor" or "Rotor Automobiles" (Not based on anything, I decided on that name after designing the blocky X-shaped logo)
"Iron Precisions" (Completely made up)

"Evaluate Pi" ("Eva"), which is also a programming/mathematics reference.
"Cordon" is just a location name in at least two countries, it could be the location where the car was designed or first tested or something like that to rationalize the naming.
"Fox Mark II" ("Fox"), which is not supposed to reference Firefox but just feel like a car named after an animal.


On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 5:53 PM, Onsemeliot <onsemeliot@users.sf.net> wrote:

As discussed in "New version for Debian Jessie release?" I hereby open the discussion for car names in our new release.

Qubodub did not only provide new textures, but mad up new (not copyright protected) car names also. Liviu was quite unhappy with them since they do not even remotely sound like the real car names. Therefore we should agree on the actually used names for the next release of Trigger Rally.

original recent
Mitsubishi Evolution Text Evaluate Pi
Seat Cordoba Rotor Cordon TRI
Ford Focus Iron Fox Mark II

I would prefer clear fake names for legal reasons, but since we can not expect Trigger Rally suddenly becoming a huge hype leading to a lot public attention and therefore motivate the relevant brand owners to urge us to leave out their brand names or pay for it, I guess we are on the safe side either way. Probably nobody will care.

Just some sontanuous ideas:

  • Misuhashi Revolution
  • Seed Colorado
  • Furd Forus

I have no high stake in this. So there is not much I would want to vote against.

Car names for new release

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