Report on the performance of joystick support

  • Ocirne94

    Ocirne94 - 2012-02-16

    The README states that there is interest in reports on the performance of
    joystick support. So here is mine.

    I've got a Fanatec GT3RS V2 wheel with Clubsport pedals.
    Configuring Trigger to properly handle the axes was quite a pain - I had to
    guess by trial the correct "maxrange" and especially "direction" values, and
    to do this I also edited the code to see which joystick mode was chosen
    (digital vs analog) and how Trigger handles steering input (main.cpp:758);
    while doing this, I couldn't but notice and,
    which system I find quite counter-intuitive (why not a single value, negative
    for left steering, positive for right?). Adding buttons is left up to the
    user's desire to tweak the trigger.config file - i.e. the user has to add
    lines describing the action buttons. IMO the configuration file - in a concern
    of user-friendliness - should already list some more buttons under the
    "Typical" configuration, at least as many as the actions described within
    keyboard controls section.

    Then, driving with racing wheel+pedals (no driving help) was very very good:
    completely different from using keyboard, more intuitive and realistic and

    I think that a proper calibrating GUI is really a must for a future version;
    apart from that, Trigger's handling of racing hardware is very fine and I have
    no complaints (maybe implement a clutch?).


  • Ishmael

    Ishmael - 2012-02-19

    Hi Enrico, thanks for the report! Good to hear you could get in going. Would
    you mind posting the Joystick section of your trigger.config file? In the
    event we get more reports it'd be interesting to get an idea of how the
    configurations vary.


  • Ocirne94

    Ocirne94 - 2012-02-24

    Hi Ishmael,
    here is the Joystick section (only one button defined, sorry :-\ )

    <joystick enable="yes">
                <axis action="forward" index="2" direction="+" deadzone="0.10" maxrange="-1.00" />
                <axis action="back" index="3" direction="+" deadzone="0.10" maxrange="-1.00" />
                <axis action="right" index="0" direction="+" deadzone="0.0" maxrange="-1.00" />
                <axis action="left" index="0" direction="+" deadzone="0.0" maxrange="1.00" />
                <button action="handbrake" index="0" />



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