New Event: "Alps' Trophy"

  • Onsemeliot

    Onsemeliot - 2013-04-19

    Today I finished my first event for Trigger Rally:

    It contains five maps:

    1) Rocky Trail
    2) Green Hill
    3) Mountain
    4) Evening Lake
    5) Dark Forest

    Oriniginally I added a tree to the vegetation sprites, but I decided to remove it again since it was not done very well.

    Please let me know what you think of it and how I could improve it!

    I hope you enjoy my maps. :)

  • landroni

    landroni - 2013-04-19

    Thanks Onsemeliot! Excellent additions. I would only suggest to increase the difficulty of the last level (same, 1min less target time) so as to make it feel like a finale.

    Iwan, do you want to check them in?

  • Onsemeliot

    Onsemeliot - 2013-04-20

    Thanks for your generous feedback, Liviu.

    I adapted the target time and reuploaded the zip file. Seems like I miscalculated the target time.

    Do you use the keyboard or any other device? Did you use the short cuts in "Mountain", "Evening Lake" and "Dark Forrest"?

    I made the map and it's hard for me to make the last one in 5 minutes. I guess I'm a lousy driver...

    Did you manage to get through "Old Mac Donald" from the trigger cup? I was far from it and needed to adapt the target time in order to even see how long the full track is. (Actually this was my motivation to find out if I can adapt Trigger Rally in the first place...)

    Sould we add one of the maps to the single races list? Which one would you choose?

    • landroni

      landroni - 2013-04-20

      I always use the keyboard with Trigger. I once entertained buying a wheel for this, but got put off by reports of unreliability of joystick with Trigger and uncertainty about making it work with Linux. Maybe later on.

      I did use the shortcuts in Evening Lake. It may be better to put checkpoints at every corner, otherwise the incentives for the user are too important to simply cut.

      As for the Dark Forest difficulty, feel free to set it to a time limit that you can achieve + 15 sec. This is what I usually do. It may make a difference that I use drivingassist="0.85".

      I usually take Old McDonald with 15 sec to spare, but then I'm a veteran at Trigger. Some general Trigger tips:
      - if you're unable to make the time on some track, avoid the Mitsubishi and try a slower car
      - also, try to drive as slow/clean as you can (i.e., avoid rolls and crashes at all cost)

      I would keep all the tracks in the Event. If the user wants to play an individual track, they're available in Practice mode.

  • Onsemeliot

    Onsemeliot - 2013-04-20

    I need to install the new version. I still use version 0.5.2. Therefore I can't access the practice mode yet...

    For me the main point about shortcuts is, that they can be used without loosing the possibility to win the race. If I would put checkpoints on every corner I would render the shortcuts useless.

    Thank you for the driving tipps. They fit to my experience too. :)

  • Matthias Keysermann

    Indeed very good addition!
    The speciality of Rocky Trail is its grey monotonicity.
    Green Hill and Mountain got quite nice sceneries.
    And both Evening Lake and Dark Forrest got a great atmosphere! Excellent use of fog and heightmap!

    • Onsemeliot

      Onsemeliot - 2013-04-21

      Thanks Matthias. I'm very glad you are pleased with it. I put a lot of work into those maps.

      I'm especially happy you like my tracks because I think your single tracks and the Western Challenge showed me, that good maps can be done from other people than the original developers. I guess we have similar qualities in mind if we think about tracks we want to race... :)

  • landroni

    landroni - 2013-04-21

    Matthias, any new tracks on your horizon? :)

  • Matthias Keysermann

    No, I did not create any tracks recently.
    I did not really have any other ideas on how to use the possibilities of heighmap, fog, etc. to create innovative maps.
    That's why I was well excited about the usage for trees in Dark Forest.

  • Onsemeliot

    Onsemeliot - 2013-04-27

    I added two new maps to the "Alps' Trophy" event. Now the full list is:

    1) Maze
    2) Rocky Trail
    3) Green Hill
    4) Mountain
    5) Evening Lake
    6) Dark Forest
    7) Dawn

    These are two maze-like maps. I added new sky images and started using specific HUD images. With the new maps the event covers a wide range of athmospheric variations midday, fog, rain, evening, night and dawn.

    Originally I wanted to design a level with ruins of an old village, but I couldn't get the ruins right. So I needed to do something completely different... I'm epecially proud of getting the early morning mood for "Dawn" right. At least I think it works as good as it can with the available parameters.

    I hope you enjoy the new maps. I just updated the download link:

  • landroni

    landroni - 2013-05-01

    Maze is really cool (and very long)! I would love though to complete it using the Ford; would you mind adding it to the list of cars?

    And Dawn is quite challenging, very nice.

    Also, the event starts being very big. This is not a bad thing in itself (although it could make users prefer the Practice mode rather than the competition), but maybe you would like to release on or two maps as single maps?

  • Onsemeliot

    Onsemeliot - 2013-05-02

    Hi Liviu,

    at least in my installation the Ford is available on every Alps' map. Isn't that the case on your computer?

    I see no problem in making maps available in single race mode. But I guess it's easier to do that when the event is integrated into the next version of the game . The good thing about keeping all tracks in the event is the consequence of having do deal with just one zip file if people want to get it. I guess nobody wants to integrate each new track by hand...

    I think long events are interresting. But sooner or later we need to think of some bonus for winning challenging maps or events in order to make it more interresting to not give up easily. A basic bonus could be making new maps or vehicles accessible after winning certain challenges.

    I don't really know who of you could actually implement such features in the game. Unfortunately C++ is nothing I can help with.

  • landroni

    landroni - 2013-05-02

    No, the cars are not available here in Maze. Maybe you've uploaded a different archive?

    With your permission, the event will be integrated in SVN as soon as you think it's ready, and will be part of the next release (perhaps not far away). So I think it is worth thinking in terms what you want to keep in the event, and what you would release as single maps. Additionally, you could always keep a separate archive with several plugins in it for users to download an all-in-one archive.

  • Onsemeliot

    Onsemeliot - 2013-05-02

    Today I downloaded the zip file again and checked if the Ford is there. Maybe you used an earlier version of the zip file? I didn't finish the new tracks at once. Maybe you where faster with downloading after my initial upload than me updating to the most recent version.

    At first I asked if I should add any tracks to the single races list. You replied:

    I would keep all the tracks in the Event. If the user wants to play an individual track, they're available in Practice mode.

    I don't have a very strong position on this. Either way is fine for me. Since there is actually no difference between single race maps and event maps beside in what folder they are stored, it doesn't really matter to me. It seems to be a question of personal taste...

    If you have any further suggestions how to improve the maps, I will see what I can do about it. For my point of view at the moment the maps are final. Maybe player feedback is needed to improve some details, but as the creator it's hard for me to decide if everything works for other people as well.

  • landroni

    landroni - 2013-05-05

    I downloaded the zip file again and the Ford is indeed there.

    "Since there is actually no difference between single race maps and event maps beside in what folder they are stored, it doesn't really matter to me."
    If an event is >30 min long, then less people are likely to play it.

  • Onsemeliot

    Onsemeliot - 2013-05-05

    I don't know how you work for getting new game versions. I can provide each map seperately as well. Therefore it's up to who ever puts everything together to decide what map should be available seperately in the final game.

    I would vote for "Evening Lake" and "Dawn".

    How do you prefer to proceed? Shall I put together zip files for each map or should I just pick two or three? If we decide to seperate maps from the event it might be a good idea to play with the weather conditions in order to get some variation even if using the same maps twice.

    This I would do only if we do not link to the same map folder in the event itself and in the single race map. (I've optimized the maps for the current weather conditions, but I think it would be nice do not have exactly the same maps in the events in order to provide some surprise. In this case I could even change a few details of the map itself for getting out something interresting and unexpected.)

  • Onsemeliot

    Onsemeliot - 2013-10-11

    I found a typing error in the level file of "Evening Lake" and updated the file on my server. Please update your file if you have already downloaded it!

  • Onsemeliot

    Onsemeliot - 2013-10-12

    No, "Evenig Lake" should be: "Evening Lake". So just an "n" is missing in the first word. No serious bug...


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