Western Challenge

  • Matthias Keysermann

    I've improved a few maps I made some time ago. They should match in terms of
    Here they are: http://www.makephotos.de/trigger-

    Just put this file into the plugins folder. It adds the event Western
    which contains the following maps:

    Smooth Canyon
    Easy, straight-forward warm-up map.

    Great Plains
    Large map which allows to take a lot of speed. The track has also some

    Rocky Prairie
    "Exploration" map. Only one waypoint (the finish) and many different ways to
    complete it. The hudmap serves as a guide. Nevertheless there are more ways
    then shown on the map.

    White Sands
    Hard map with lots of difficult terrain. But this time with a little bit more
    time to finish.

    Enjoy! (And give me some feedback about waypoints and time.)

  • landroni

    landroni - 2010-07-07

    Nice event!
    I liked the alternate paths in Great plains, although i might have preferred
    more blocking hills between the alternate paths in some places, and perhaps
    less time.
    Rocky prairie is a great idea. It's very tough finding the way, even after a
    dozen successful completions.
    White sands finally allows for one-two errors, which is much better

  • landroni

    landroni - 2010-07-11

    Another idea: put Rocky prairie in the maps folder. This way people could
    freely experiment with the various paths available.

  • wrencherd

    wrencherd - 2010-07-11


    I read on another post/forum that you could make a symlink in the maps
    directory for each of the maps in the events; I did so with the triggercup
    courses and it works. Though, as someone pointed out above, your single race
    selection page becomes very crowded after a while.

    Thank goodness the World Cup is over, now I can go back to playing trigger and
    maybe even give the Western Challenge a real try. ;-)

  • wrencherd

    wrencherd - 2010-07-12

    I may have spoken without thinking; I have never tried using a symlink with
    maps which are zipped.

    My apologies.

  • Matthias Keysermann

    The symlink is a good idea but I think it is not supported in zip. So I put
    the Rocky Prairie in the maps folder (still in the zip file).
    @wrencherd: Did you fix the problem with the hudmap? Otherwise take a look at
    the corresponding colormap.png directly.

    Maybe I convert all the png's to jpg's so that the zip file is even smaller.

    I also want to decrease the time of Great Plains. It's too easy with the
    current time.

    Without the World Cup it's really boring... maybe I should make more maps for
    another Trigger Rally cup...

  • J

    J - 2010-07-13

    If you'd like maps to be visible in the Single Race menu as well as in an
    event, just put them in a maps/ directory inside the zip, and edit your event
    text file to point to the maps in that location using an "absolute" path. See
    the standard trigger cup event for an example of how to do this.

    Using symlinks is an interesting trick but it shouldn't be necessary. I guess
    it will probably also not work on Windows. (Trigger can be compiled to a
    mingw32 target, though the port isn't maintained at the moment.)

  • wrencherd

    wrencherd - 2010-07-14

    No, my problem with the hudmaps is persistent. I am tinkering with it still. I
    had the thought that it might be a problem with the placement of the files in
    terms of the directory hierarchy, but I have moved the maps around and even
    put them into the main textures dir, but to no change on screen. I thought it
    might be a dependency issue as well, but I checked the run-depends-list and
    everything is in place. The main part of the game runs beautifully, but the
    huds are a puzzlement. Maybe it's a hardware problem. I'll keep looking.

    I have had a chance to run Green Grounds a bit more lately (now that World Cup
    is ended, and yet I can hardly wait for the next one!) and the challenge of it
    is growing on me. I think it's a great deal like a "real" rally race in terms
    of obstacles and the demands of the terrain. I still haven't gotten the "Win",
    but I am enjoying it more.

    The Mountain Pass is not bad, but I prefer driving much faster than that one
    seems to allow. I think one has to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy such
    careful going.

    As far as Western Challenge is concerned, I have only tried it a few times. I
    do enjoy the wider tracks for the greater speed one can race on those. I am
    one of those who likes to step on the accelerator the entire way through if
    possible. (I have no idea why anyone would play a game where you have to stop
    "your car" just to get out and beat somebody up for a while; imagine all of
    the fast driving that you're missing while you are fighting! It's just the
    opinion of a speed-junkie of course.)

    I will try to practice more and say more about the check points next time.

    Thanks again for all of the new tracks.

  • landroni

    landroni - 2010-07-14

    Matthias: Thanks for making the changes. Now the challenge looks ready
    to ship.

    Without the World Cup it's really boring... maybe I should make more
    maps for another Trigger Rally cup...

    A wild idea: would there be any way to (easily) create World Rally
    tracks using a combination of itinerary , maps (any available
    somewhere?), Google maps and Google earth?


  • wrencherd

    wrencherd - 2010-07-15

    That's a great idea; sounds difficult though and there might be a licensing
    problem as well.

    If you get it working though, I would be glad to be your first beta tester.


    Some of your maps drive a bit jerky on my aged machine (Celeron D); I have
    found that setting the "tilesize" element in the xml for any level above "16"
    causes this.

    Are your maps like this? May I alter it if so?


    2 new bits of into about the hudmap problem (in case anyone is bored and has
    many long hours to waste thinking about it . . . as I do):

    1) changing the "hudmap" element in the xml file to foliagemap.png washes out
    that part of the screen during play, though the red, green and yellow lights
    of the check points still show up;

    2) changing the same element to heightmap.png has no effect at all;

    3) I started a script of my console output and then started trigger; the only
    two "Warnings" returned are that both heightmap and foliagemap are "single-
    channel". I have no idea what that means; ImageMagick says that the colormap
    is multi-channel, but the other two are "8 bit depth, Grey". I am in the same
    state of ignorance what that means.

    Starting level "/maps/bigjump/jump.level"
    Loading level "/maps/bigjump/jump.level"
    Loading image "textures/veg/cactus1.png"
    Loading image "/maps/bigjump/heightmap.png"
    Warning: heightmap is not single channel
    Loading image "/maps/bigjump/colormap.jpg"
    Loading image "/maps/bigjump/foliagemap.png"
    Warning: foliage map is not single channel
    Loading image "/maps/bigjump/colormap.jpg"

    Everything else in the script output seems normal.

    I have not reinstalled b/c this situation was the same under at least the last
    two versions of my system (FreeBSD) and I always reinstall my favorite games
    (including trigger) whenever I upgrade the system.

    Sorry for the length of this post.

    Thanks again for any help.

  • Matthias Keysermann

    Ok, first of all, according to the tilesize:
    32 works ok for me. I tried to set it to 64 (so that you can also see the
    terrain far away) but that slows everything down.
    I have Core 2 Duo but as graphics card Intel X3100 (i965) and the Intel Mesa
    driver is rather slow. So I expected most of the other players having better
    Of course you can set it down to 16. Another option is to set the spritecount
    for each foliageband to 2 or 1. I always use 3 because it looks better.
    For the repository I prefer to keep the 32 as I think that it works ok for
    most of the players.

    According to the hudmap problem:
    I get the same warnings (...is not single channel) but that's not a problem
    for me.
    Seems to be your graphics card driver. In my case with some older versions of
    the Intel driver Trigger wasn't playable at all (the screen got completely
    washed out). Luckily it works fine now with the stable driver version.

  • wrencherd

    wrencherd - 2010-07-19

    I think you are right about my hardware being under-powered; the CeleronD
    machine is already 6 years old now. However, I am not sure that wanting
    hudmaps to display properly in trigger-rally provides sufficient cause to
    invest in something newer.

    I use a MacBook Pro for work; it is Core2Duo. I have downloaded the src for
    trigger-rally and am trying to build it. My current hang up in that regard is
    getting freealut to build. (I cannot be too cavalier with the machine's
    directory hierachy, so it must not "stomp" on other files and I do not want to
    tweak the gcc flags/settings too much.) I am not really certain that freealut
    will install under OS X 10.5, but, when I have the time, I am tinkering with

    You were right as well about the tilesize element in your track layouts; I
    tried all of the settings with Mountain Pass and 32 was the best. It is really
    just a little less smooth than any of the original tracks, but--set at 32--
    still much much better than any of the lower-, or higher-numbered settings.

  • Matthias Keysermann

    Ok, I'll upload the Western Challenge to the repository (zipped into plugins)
    and I'll delete White Sands from the maps folder...

  • landroni

    landroni - 2010-08-03

    wrencherd: The jerkiness issue, I have also experienced this on an Intel
    system. Then the culprit was high levels of foliageband density. As for the
    maps problems, have you tried building trigger from source? This might be a
    bug introduced by the distro maintainers.

    Matthias: A tiny request. Would you consider to increase the time limit for
    Smooth Canyon? As it is, the track allows for precious few errors, if any. A
    dozen more seconds would make it feel more like a warm-up track.

  • Matthias Keysermann

    Ok, I've increased the time limit for Smooth Canyon. As it is the warm-up
    track for the cup it should be easy...

  • wrencherd

    wrencherd - 2010-08-08


    I had actually tried reinstalling the game a few times previously; since the
    problem persists over several system upgrades, I am forced to assume that
    Matthias is correct and it is just a hardware problem.

    BTW, whenever I click on this link:


    I reach a page which tells me that that forum is "private", even though I am
    logged in to sf.

    Not sure what this means.

  • landroni

    landroni - 2010-08-08

    Thanks Matthias.

    wrencherd, can you access Forums > Developers? It might so happen that you
    need admin privileges for the project, although I'm not very familiar with sf.
    To summarise, the compilation issues were bogus: trigger compiles fine. To run
    it, you simply need to copy or link the trigger binary into the data folder

  • wrencherd

    wrencherd - 2010-08-08

    landroni wrote:

    wrencherd, can you access Forums > Developers?

    No; the only choices I have for trigger-rally>Forums are >Help, and >Open

    Thanks for the summary.

  • landroni

    landroni - 2010-08-12

    Matthias, I would have one other minor request regarding Grand Canyon: I would
    love if the track ended slightly farther than it does now, on the tip of the
    "snake tongue". The timing should probably be left as is. What do you think?

  • Matthias Keysermann

    Seems reasonable. I'll test it during the next days.


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